Affordable bathroom renovations in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast

Bathrooms are the unsung sanctuary of any home. This is the space to feel clean and fresh and renewed to face the day. Sadly, sometimes that ugly green benchtop or the wooden cabinetry handles are too hideous, and you just want to get in and out as soon as you can!

It’s your home. Make it your space.

We resurface bathroom cabinets, bench tops, cabinetry handles, wall tiles, shower trays and bathtubs.

We know the challenges that come with wet areas and will always advise if the resurfacing is a good decision or not, based on the age, condition and level of use.

Take a look at some of these bathrooms – our before and after resurfacing pictures will show you how easily your bathroom can transform with a professional resurface.


Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, Queensland
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